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Design Features & Specs


The Foldable Skateboard (US Patent #7150461) was invented in California by a designer and an engineer determined to create the worlds first personal transportation device that delivered both a smooth, stable ride as well as the ability to be stowed to fit in a backpack.  Their solution:  The Stowboard.

Introducing The Stowboard -The First, Fast, Foldable Skateboard

The final result of years of development and testing is The Stowboard - the world’s first foldable high performance Skateboard.

its innovative design gives the rider unheard of portability AND an extremely fast and smooth ride.  Low center of gravity makes it easier to learn and control.

When stowed, the Stowboard folds to the size of a 4” Stack of Notebook Paper and can be stashed practically anywhere.  Bringing it with you on the bus, train, plane, or practically anywhere for that matter, is never a problem.

Made of strong, lightweight materials, the Stowboard reliably stands up to continual daily use for people of ALL ages.  You sacrifice nothing in performance.  With it’s novel design you get BOTH larger wheels AND a much lower stance than typical longboards could ever hope to provide. With the stowboard you stand only an inch and a half off the ground as compared to 4” or 5” on a typical longboard!  Lower center of gravity means greater control, enhanced balance, acceleration and road feel.

It’s reliable, durable, it has a clean, modern design that people love, it has one of if not the fastest smoothest rides of any skateboard in existence AND on top of all that it folds up to bring anywhere!  Get yours today and see for yourself.  We are certain that once you get your Stowboard you're going to wonder how you ever got around without one.  Ride fast, save time, stow it anywhere and always enjoy the ride!


-Stash your ride in your backpack or locker after a fast skate to school or work.

-At the airport, subway, bus stop, or train station, stowboard right up... then stow your ride effortlessly in your carry-on luggage or under the seat to take anywhere.

-Effortlessly commute to and from subway stations and bus stops without having to haul around a bulky longboard or bike.

-Silently glide through crowded sidewalks with unparalleled control,

-Carve hills like a longboard, “tic-tac” like a shortie, while being faster, quieter, smoother, more stable, better looking and of course more stowable than either!

-Take it ANYWHERE, take it EVERYWHERE.  Never be without your wheels again!

Only with the Stowboard can you...


Stowed: 11"x8.5"x4" (The size of a 4” stack of papers.)

Unfolded Length: 31"

Weight:  6 lbs 11 oz  (3kg)

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