1. What is this?

This is a Stowboard.  It is like a skateboard but it has the added ability to fold up, or “STOW” away.  Get it?

  1. How do you ride it?

You just put your front foot in the aluminum part, big wheels in front. Then push with your other foot and then rest your back foot on the black part when you get rolling.  To go next level, get some sliding gloves and put a hand down and get loose.

  1. Is it easier to ride than a normal skateboard?

It rides slightly differently then a regular skateboard.  If you can already ride a normal skateboard you can get used to the stowboard in almost no time.  If you have never skateboarded, then like with any board you’ll have to get used to it, but a lot of people say the stowboard does make it easier because it has such a low center of gravity.

  1. How is it different than a normal skateboard?

Well besides the fact that it folds up for discreet stowing, it also rides a little differently, getting the rider lower to the ground gives great stability, and the large diameter wheels in front and 65mm 78a tapered wheels in back allow a surprisingly quiet, much smoother ride on more surfaces.  As you can see the front foot points more straight ahead then in a usual board, thus turning is done with a small pivot or shift of weight with the front foot.  It is a fast smooth ride.

  1. Is it better than a normal skateboard?

Depends what you’re doing.  For downhill racing go with a drop deck longboard, for tricks go with a standard new school deck, but for fast efficient transportation and an ultra smooth ride that is easy to control go with the STOWBOARD.  Especially if you need to be able to stow away or store your board, the Stowboard would be the best call, because it’s the only board that folds up and would fit in any locker or backpack, it’s also the same price or even less than a normal skateboard or longboard.  For parking structures and downhill I rock the Stowboard as well.  My sliding gloves let me get loose.

  1. How much does it cost?

$99.95 with original wheels, $129.95 with v2 wheels and $!59.95 with v2 wheels, Bones Reds and tuned the way Jason rides it. + $14.50 shipping to anywhere within US, or $31.50 to Canada, or  $53.50 to anywhere else in the world) - These are the cheapest shipping prices we could find and we don’t make any money on shipping. A good price considering how much non-foldable decks cost ($120-$320) and the quality of the engineering of the Stowboard.

  1. Why do you refer to it’s rear wheels as version 2.0 or “v2”?

I found some new rear wheels that I think are better than the originals.  They are made of 78a durometer urethane and are perfectly tapered to provide minimal point of contact while going straight yet gives you greater surface area when carving.  They are perfectly slidable if you want them to be.  V2 rear wheel sets complete with the necessary spacers can be ordered here.

  1. Is there a motor?

Hell no, what is wrong with you? Would you rather it weigh 100 lbs???  The point of this board is quick, minimal, stowable transportation.  It rides so smoothly that you will be covering surprisingly great distances with minimal work.  You don’t need some huge jenky motor running out of batteries at the wrong moment!  You are the motor!

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