"Great for transportation, I ride it to all the train stations in Tokyo. It’s not a toy!." - Akira -Tokyo Japan

"Here's the scoop, it’s cool, looks good and rides super fast. It is different.  The feel is like a cross between a scooter, rollerblade and skateboard... I don’t think it’s made for a lot of tricks, but very well made. Did I mention it folds, which it turns out is actually very convenient, and always turns heads.” -D.F. Silver Spring, MD

“Without a doubt, worth the price at this stage. Really fun ride, and that's what its all about." -JJ

"Everyone I've shown it to comments on the high-tech look and small folded size. I'm not a serious skateboarder, just a hack, but it's fun for me. I read that you can take it to the airport as a "luggage carrier" and “carry yourself to your terminal!” - Charles, Long Beach, CA

"This is a cool board... it's different, and the fact that it folds up, makes it sort of "transformer-esque." On the other hand, this not a children’s toy... It's fast! Just add a helmet and the fun begins!" -The Mom - Fullerton, CA

"This is the best skateboard for the money. Packs up tight to take with - and rolls o-so-smooth. Very responsive." -Beez - Jacksonville, FL

“Did you know that if you save 30 minutes a day by Stowboarding, that equals 7.41 days a year. That is more than a week of 24 hour days a year... The fact is because I can fold it up and stow it anywhere I take it many places I could not take a normal board.  So I ride it more.  In fact, I take it everywhere.  I definitely save 30 minutes a day on average so the Stowboard actually gives me an extra week a year I would normally spend just walking places like a dope!  To me that is more than worth $130.  Not to mention If you just consider waking hours than it’s almost 2 weeks of real life you're getting back a year. All thanks to Stowboard. Incredible.” -Jason -Venice, CA

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The Stowboard can be used by Anyone.  We have Stowboard riders from age 5 to 85.  We have stowboarders in every state in the US. 

Whether you’re a pro skater or if you’ve never skated in your life, boy or girl, a kid or an adult.  ANYONE CAN LEARN TO RIDE THE STOWBOARD.  If you already ride, it will take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to get adjusted to the stowboard, if you’ve never skateboarded, it won’t happen overnight, but you can do it. If you can walk you can Stowboard.

The stowboard is for anyone who wants to get places faster, more boldly, with more style and less hassle.  If that’s you, step up.