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The Foldable Skateboard (US Patent #7150461) was invented in California by a designer and an engineer determined to create the worlds first personal transportation device that delivered both a smooth, stable ride as well as the ability to be stowed to fit in a backpack.  Their solution:  The Stowboard.

Jason Pong

Director, Stowboard

Dimensions:  Stowed: 11"x8.5"x4" Unfolded Length: 31"

Weight:  6 lbs 11 oz  (3kg)

About the Company

Since 2008, Stowboard distribution has been led by dedicated Stowboard rider, Bioengineering student, and green transportation advocate Jason Pong.  in September 2008 Mr. Pong redesigned the rear wheels and had them produced by a major wheel manufacturer in Southern California.  The new “V-2 wheels” are more durable and deliver a board that carves stronger, more powerful turns than the originals.  ALL new Stowboards sold through come equipped with the new “V-2” wheels pre-installed.  owners of the original model may order a set of v2 rear wheels, here.

Jason Pong says, “In addition to being the only board I know of that you can fold up, a lot of people don’t realize the Stowboard is just as easy, or possibly even easier to ride than a normal skateboard.  I say this because It gives you a lower center of gravity due to its unique design.  With the Stowboard you stand approximately 1.5” off the ground as compared to about 5” for even the lowest longboard. This lower center of gravity allows you to transfer more power with each push as well as to react more quickly to the road beneath you. I believe that in most scenarios the Stowboard is superior to every other personal transportation option.” (check out our comparison page to see why).

"Personally I use my stowboard each and every day on campus and in the neighborhood.  I always keep one in my car in case I have to park any distance from my intended destination.  Due to its low center of gravity I can deftly maneuver through even the densest crowds, such as sunday afternoon on the venice boardwalk or monday morning on campus.  Whenever I travel I am sure to have my stowboard with me.  I have silently Stowboarded through terminals all over the world with my rolling suitcase trailing behind me. I get a lot of interested looks but I have never been given any problem from airport management.  They apparently think it’s the latest in travel accessories because I am pretty sure I couldn’t get away with the same thing on a normal skateboard.  In some airports the time savings has been the difference in making a flight or not.  Finally when I hit the ground in a new city, the Stowboard combined with public transport (and my iPhone) allow me to easily get around anywhere.  Honestly, due to it’s speed, maneuverability, portability and discreetness I never leave the house without it.”

“I have calculated that riding a Stowboard instead of walking saves me an average of over half an hour per day, which if you do the math, adds up to 7.6 days per year.  That’s right, that is more than one actual week per year!  Therefore it is not an exaggeration to say that My conception of time and space has changed thanks to the Stowboard - Instead of setting aside15-20 minutes to walk across campus I know it will take only two minutes with the Stowboard.  The Stowboard allows me to transverse space in less time.  Basically I get an extra year of life per year thanks to the Stowboard.”

"Please see the Stowboard purchase page for information on our guarantee.  If you have any questions about your order, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email."

“Today, is the world's only source of new Stowboards.  Our mission is to provide and support the present and future stowboard riders of the world with the opportunity to enjoy the practicality, convenience, speed and fun of the Stowboard.  If you are serious about saving time by commuting with the fastest, smoothest, lowest to ground skateboard available - with the amazing ability to fold up too... well then you need the Stowboard.”

Design Features & Specs

Introducing The Stowboard -Your Fast Foldable Skateboard

The Stowboard - Stowable Skateboard is a truly unique, truly high performance transportation device that can be folded up when not in use.

its innovative design gives the rider unheard of portability AND an extremely fast and smooth ride.

When stowed the Stowboard folds to about the size of a dictionary and can be stashed practically anywhere.

Made of strong, lightweight materials, the Stowboard reliably stands up to continual daily use for people of all ages. 

It’s reliable, durable, it has a clean, modern design that people love--but most importantly, it’s really fun and REALLY FAST.  Get yours today and see for yourself.  We are certain that once you get it you're going to wonder how you ever got around without your Stowboard.  Ride fast, save time, stow it anywhere and always enjoy the ride!

  1. Bullet Stash it in your backpack or locker after a fast skate to school or work

  2. Bullet Stow it in your carry-on luggage and take it on a plane

  3. Bullet Effortlessly get to and from subway stations and bus stops without having to haul around a bulky longboard or bike

  4. Bullet Keep one in your car for those far away parking spots

  5. Bullet Silently glide through crowded sidewalks with control

  6. Bullet Carve hills like a longboard, “tic-tac” like a shortie, faster, quieter, smoother, more stable, better looking and more stowable than either!

  7. Bullet Take it ANYWHERE, take it EVERYWHERE.  Never be without your wheels again!

Only with the Stowboard can you:

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